Let's partner up!

REFRESH conference is always looking for partners and sponsors to make the event even more enjoyable and to bring together the community of start-up people who are working behind the scenes to make all these awesome web applications reality. 

To become a sponsor just drop us a line at sponsors@refresh.rocks and let us know how you want to pitch in. 

Why should you do it?

Refresh was initiated by TransferWise with the goal to liven up the local community. There weren't any great events in the region, that would draw together web development teams and offer great content, so Refresh was created to fill that gap. In 2015 TransferWise was the main sponsor, but this year we want to include as many local companies and startups as possible to make this really about the community. Come help us with

  • making the community transparent, so people know what cool things are going on inside local startups
  • raising the quality of local speakers
  • giving the local startup community access to world class speakers without leaving the country
  • making Estonia a great conference destination
  • and of course having fun