After the Conference

19:00 After Drinks at Kivi Paber Käärid

For after event drinks go to Kivi Paber Käärid, which is right next to the conference venue (there's big letters saying KPK next to their entrance).
There will be a DJ playing some good music, and by showing your conference badge you can get 10% off from all drinks. 


Other Options

The district is filled with bars, restaurants and street food places, so you have a lot of options to find the right place for you and your friends. Some places we recommend besides KPK - Pudel Bar for a good selection of beers, Bueno Gourmet food truck for delicious street food and Trühvel if you fancy some wine. More options on the map.

Side Activities


If you want to take part of the workshops you need to sign up at the registration desk. Seats are limited.

12:30 Workshop: Build Your Own Power Bank

Duration 1h 30 min, at Velvet
Power bank is like a parachute - you will truly value it when there is already reason to panic. In this workshop, you will create a power bank with your own custom design.
You will also learn how lithium based batteries work, how to charge them safely and how to handle the dangerous but powerful Li-Po batteries.

Sign up for the workshop at the registration desk before lunch break.

14:40 Workshop: ABC of 3D Printing

Duration 1h 10 min, at Velvet
In recent years, 3D printing has become a hot new topic in prototyping and producing missing/broken parts. But 3D printing is not as easy as 2D printing. Even if the box model is perfect in your computer, it could still come out of the printer a bit collapsed or have incomplete sides. What could be the problem?

For producing a perfect product with a 3D printer, the machine needs to be calibrated, the materials and printer speed must be right, and so on. In this workshop, you can learn how to prepare a 3D model for the printer and you will print out a 3D calibration cube. You will also get to know what is the difference between “noodle printer” and “ooze printer”.

Sign up for the workshop at the registration desk before 14:00.

Networking Activities

During the breaks, you can take part or watch how others are doing in the following activities:


Building a Water Rocket

At Velvet
How do you build a rocket and can you really use water as fuel? Of course you can! In this workshop you can try out how different cones, wings and mass centers affect rocket’s flight.


Building a Spaghetti Tower

At the networking area or, in case of rain, at Velvet
How to build the highest tower? During the whole day, everyone has the chance to become an architect. We will build two towers (design & product people vs front end engineers), which will compete against each other.


Create Your Own Badge

At Velvet
Put your creativity and design skills to a test and create a totally unique badge which you can show off. 


Ski Jumping

At the networking area
Yes, you read it right - ski jumping. In the middle of summer at Telliskivi. We have no idea how it will be possible, but you have a chance to try it out.


Model Car Racing

At the networking area
The speed! The adrenaline! And the amazingly cute size of those cars! Come try out the exciting world of model car racing.