Call for papers


Call For Papers has closed for 2017


What we are looking for

For REFRESH 2017 we are looking for speakers who are experts in their field and would be excited to share their experience on the following topics:

  • front end development
  • usability, user experience or design
  • product development

The talk should be 30 minutes. We are aiming to give fresh insights on how to do things and to inspire fellow front end engineers, designers or product managers. We want you to share a case study, a weird/inspiring thing you have encountered, some unique way you have solved a problem or a current trending question in your field that people are facing. The more specific and weirder the better. Be creative (if you are comfortable with being creative).

What we offer

  • Travel and accommodation. We can cover your plane tickets to Tallinn and back and also the accommodation. If it's easier and more convenient for you if your company organizes the travel and accommodation, we can add them as a sponsor of the conference. Just let us know which option suits you better and we will go on from that. 
  • Free access to conference so you can see all the other talks and network with locals. 
  • Speaker dinner the day before the conference we will be having speakers' dinner, so everyone can get to know each other better. 

We will do our best to make your stay at Refresh pleasant, smooth and fun!

Call For Papers has closed for Refresh 2017